“DNA AHEAD™ GAME…AND MORE makes enquiry engaging and tickles the funny bone right down to the molecular level! ”
— Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked and several dozen other novels for adults and children.

“DNA Ahead™ Game & More combines the simplicity and dynamic competition of a board game with tools for learning the extraordinary history and profound, far-reaching results of the genetic revolution. All this is presented in a colorful, beautifully designed space that is itself a map of the events, people, and outcomes of a story that is still unfolding.”
— Michael Pearce, writer, former Curator and Director of Cognition Exhibits at San Francisco’s Exploratorium

“Incredibly, while the game is fun to play, its real strength comes from the DNA and biotechnology content found on the game board and game pieces. Players will not only have access to in-depth-yet-accessible science, but they will also learn about the “who” behind the science, with a special (and authentic) focus on traditionally underrepresented groups in these fields. Children and adults will discover more than just facts; they will discover potential careers and professions.

“Here is where the fun in DNA Ahead™ truly lies: in what teachers can do with the game pieces outside of game play. The game cards offer a world of possibilities for development of student activities and/or assignments. “Show-and-Tell cards” direct students in the representation of content through artistic and creative avenues.”
— Remy Dou, American Biology Teacher, Department Editor

“I am sure every biology teacher and biology student would enjoy, and more importantly LEARN FROM and USE this game.”
— Kathy Frame, Lifetime biology education champion and educator, President, VA Assoc. Science Teachers & VA Assoc. Biology Teachers, Owner/President Papillon Education Services

“DNA Ahead™ is the result of years of meticulous planning and in depth research, and it shows in the final product. This game has the potential to inspire and inform the new generation, a generation for whom understanding the scientific concepts and ethical facets of DNA technology will be of the utmost importance. By its holistic nature that goes beyond the game board and into dinner table conversations and other everyday interactions, DNA Ahead™ allows players and non-players alike to immerse themselves in the world of DNA through a fun, accessible medium.”
— Tyler Garwood, Graduate Student in Comparative & Molecular Sciences, University of Minnesota

“DNA AHEAD™ is more than a game – much more. It is a learning adventure into the science of life, including humanitarian and social issues. The content is rich and comprehensive, covering the early history of gene discovery through to current knowledge of DNA. Controversial topics and ethical dilemmas are not ignored. All this is expressed in an intriguing format of hundreds of game cards that can be used as part of game play or independently. The illustrations make the experience fun. It deserves more than a superficial tryout. The game has value in its depth and finding many ways to use it.”
— Marjorie Caserio, Professor Emerita, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Vice Chancellor & Interim Chancellor Emeritus, UCSD

“Having leapt from my life as a laboratory scientist, to designing and flying a satellite experiment, to the edutainment frontier where I supervised production of the 1970s TV shows All in the Family and Maude among many others, I know a bridge between science and edutainment when I see one! DNA Ahead™ Game & More is such a bridge. CHECK IT OUT. GIVE IT A TRY. TRY SOMETHING NEW AND WONDERFUL, TRAVEL IT. YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!”
— Virginia Carter

“An abundance of riches!” — Susan Grode, Attorney