CRISPR Ahead Picture Tour Features

CRISPR is revolutionizing the biological sciences, but it’s doing so embedded in the science subculture, itself within a variety of broader world cultures. The Tour covers that powerful influence on CRISPR operations. It delves into the associated social and ethical issues. And since Citizen Scientists are also getting into the CRISPR act, the Tour concludes with a run through those opportunities.

This tour is not for kids. At first glance this picture book may look like a kids book, but I assure you it is not. It is filled with information that will pique the interests of smart and curious teens up to the oldest seniors. Yes, the tour is full of pictures and I employ two nicely drawn teammates, CRISPR and Whatif Scicoon to tell the story, but don’t let that mislead you.

The pictures play an important role in helping to get across ideas and concepts. Many are funny when you catch on to the inside jokes, allusions, and symbols. Delving into them is part of the fun. And the characters have attributes that are, frankly, too clever and sophisticated for kids.
So, come aboard, enjoy the tour. Get ready for a world-rocking experience.