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CRISPR Whispers™ Board Game

CRISPR Molecule
CRISPR (short for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats—quite a mouthful!) is the new tool used to edit the genome of any living thing. Changes in genes cause changes in the traits dictated by those genes—e.g., height, specific disease risk, even intellectual abilities. With such amazing power, ease of use, and low cost, no wonder that CRISPR is revolutionizing biology. Indeed, Sci Eyes foresee a CRISPR’d world ahead!

CRISPR Whispers™ Board Game: a competitive game, now under development
Players pursue Missions requiring delivery of specific CRISPR-edited products to users. To succeed, players must: acquire and direct the research of grad students; solve puzzles; communicate about their work to indispensible support professionals and the public; overcome obstacles; foil would-be underminers; and recover from setbacks. See more detailed game features here.

CRISPR Ahead™ Website™

  • Blog Posts cover: leading-edge CRISPR news, with focus on personal relevance; and news about CRISPR Whispers™ Game development.
  • Blog Subscribers receive Invites to: respond to surveys and provide feedback on specific topics; and playtest CRISPR Whispers Game prototypes.
  • Target Audience: formal & informal educators, students; parents, grandparents, great-grandparents; scientists, health professionals; legal professionals, law makers, politicians; entertainment creators, artists, writers, musicians, dancers, comedians; opinion shapers; the curious public.
DNA Ahead Game & More™

IN THE WORKS From the Creator of DNA Ahead Game & More™

CRISPR Whispers™

The Upcoming Fun Board Game about the Cutting-Edge Science of CRISPR, where Reality Catches Up with Science Fiction!

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CRISPR Critter

Hello, I’m CRISPR, the Genome Editing
Wizard pictured on the left.
My (red) RNA guide grabs onto the target DNA.
Then my (blue) protein scissors enzyme cuts
the DNA right where I grabbed it.

Sci Eyes can even insert new DNA in my cut, turn genes on or off, and change the target DNA in other ways.

Presto, I’ve changed genes
and the traits they dictate!

The drone on the right represents me
scouting out my target.

CRISPR Clipper Drone

For CRISPR Wizardry in a Picture Book, View the Slide Show Below.

  • CRISPR Ahead™ Board Game ©2018 Dorothy Semenow, PhD
  • CRISPR Ahead™ Board Game ©2018 Dorothy Semenow, PhD

Click to Download a Power Point Presentation of the CRISPR Ahead™ Slide Show

Have fun contributing ideas or play-testing prototypes of the CRISPR Whispers™ Board Game.

No knowledge of science or modern board games is needed.
Invitations coming in future Blog posts!

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